Due to unforeseen circumstances this blog has been suspended. However, Adam has asked that we leave his previous posts live and he thanks you for your support.

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Looking for a Research Subject?

A while ago it came to my attention that many of you following this blog are undergraduate or postgraduate students of subjects such as criminology and psychology. Now I’m all too aware that many prisoners and ex-prisoners have a sort of phobia of engaging with anyone who works in these subjects, but I am not one of them. Perhaps I should be, but I’m not. So it occurred to me that it might well be of use to some of you to have a case study or research subject for your dissertations.

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One Full Year


I first started blogging at the start of December 2013 and it took about a month for me to get into the swing of it and for the site to get off the ground. Now, after my first full year, I’m fascinated by how it has changed me and my life.

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Happy Valentines Day

A year ago my Valentines Day post was a little subdued. This year I have no reason to be any brighter about it, but I do want to throw two Valentines out there.

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MPs and the Judicial Process

I had always thought that MPs were not meant to publicly question judicial decisions made in the courts, but it seems that I got this very very wrong. Just a couple of months ago I saw an MP on The Daily Politics who did exactly that.

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Common Sense Alert! 16

High security prisons hold both category A (high risk) prisoners, and category B (the high end of medium risk) prisoners. These ratings do not always reflect the reality of a certain prisoner’s risk, but in order to get downgraded from category A to category B, they go through a review board each year.

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Overpopulated and Undersupported

Recently I was asked for help by another prisoner who has been downgraded from enhanced regime status to standard regime for very unclear reasons. Now, this prisoner can be a headache at the best of times, but this is not entirely his fault. Some time ago he suffered a severe brain injury and now he is not always aware of it when he is being socially awkward. It is quite possible that he was fairly awkward beforehand too, but now he can struggle to understand even the most basic things and it does take some patience to deal with him.

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Why No Whistleblowers?

I was just reading a piece in the Guardian’s Weekend magazine about an NHS whistle-blower and it set me thinking. Why do we see so many whistle-blowers from a wide range of jobs and backgrounds but so very few whistle-blowers in the prison service?

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