The Final Teardrop (Stolen)

The Final Teardrop (small)

The Final Teardrop. Precious in what has otherwise become a dry and lonely landscape. And stolen. Taken by Matilda. The tear would have been given willingly if it could help her sail free, but taken aboard and coveted with deceitful intent it is no use to anybody. The lesson? The whole world would be yours if you can only be brave enough to ask for it with honesty.

I have little experience in actually drawing using marker pens, but this is one which I am actually quite happy with. Especially because the content and the meaning is so personal to me.

You can have a look at more of my artwork on my gallery page.

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“These days I pull twenty teeth or more for every thousand Easter eggs that get eaten and every single one of them gets sent straight to the Tooth Fairy’s tooth reclamation plant.”

A while back I was set a challenge by the creative writing tutor here. He’s heavily into his surrealism and his comedy and he set me a task to write a piece along those lines. I’m not sure quite how comedic it turned out, but what I came up with was definitely surreal.

The theme he set me was ‘dentists’ and it took a while for me to think of anything to write about that at all, but once I got going, the story seemed to write itself. You can read what I came up with here.

I have to say, I do like a challenge when it comes to writing so if any of you ever want to set one, you can leave it as a comment or send it as a mail and I’ll definitely try to rise to it. What am I letting myself in for?!

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The Underwear Wars

A few weeks back I placed an order for some new clothes. When staff processed my order they sent a note back to me saying that my order had been approved but that I would have to swap some of my in possession clothing for the new stuff because I will have too much according to their volumetric control limits. Of course, I wanted to check this out for myself so I asked the library for a copy of the facilities list setting out how many of each item we are allowed to have and I came across something truly bizarre.

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Looking Back on September

This past month I’ve really been thinking about the relationship between the actions of the police at every level, and the feelings that society in general has towards them.

Recently my nephew turned seventeen and the police gave him a very special present. They dropped a letter through the front door informing him that they believe he is a member of a gang (he isn’t) and that they will be targeting him for special attention. The sole reason for this? Because he lives on a rough estate and knows a few people there who are gang affiliated. Who doesn’t on such estates?

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Don’t Send Me Back

You can keep your liberty.

It was never mine at all.

This year I set myself a challenge to start experimenting with poetry forms I have never tried to write in before. Well, this is the first Villanelle I have ever attempted and, if I’m honest, I hate the form. But it was good for me nevertheless. In the process of writing this one poem in a strict form I also produced three more poems which didn’t fit the form at all. If I hadn’t tried something harder I might never have stumbled across the magic beans that grew into three poems am really happy with.

And I’m not entirely displeased with the Villanelle I produced either – only the form itself. You can read the full poem here.

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Respecting the Law of the Land

A few times in the last few years I have been shocked by how much of an outcry there seems to be in the media whenever a British person is arrested overseas for something that would not be taken so seriously here. Most recently I watched in disbelief as newscasters appeared to poke fun at the beliefs of some people in Malaysia for thinking that an earthquake had been caused by a group of students, including one from Britain, stripping off at the top of a sacred mountain and upsetting the spirits.

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Prisoner Communications: Part Three

Over the last two days I’ve examined the rules regarding prisoners sending and letters. Today I’ll be focusing on prisoner phone calls.

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Prisoner Communications: Part Two

Yesterday I took a look at some of the limitations applied to prisoners sending letters with specific attention on how staff are meant to handle correspondence. Today I’ll focus on the limitations around who a prisoner may send letters to and what they may send out.

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