Sliding Doors Moment Number 3

I remember being just 17 and in HMP Warren Hill as a juvenile. I had a personal grievance with one of the other lads and we actually had a few scuffles. It was never anything too serious but he was a fair bit bigger and stronger than me at that time and staff began to pick up on it. One officer in particular already had it in for the other lad and got it into his head that he could use me to get to him.

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Enabling Environments

A few months ago I posted about the inception of a new initiative here at Wakefield aimed at making the prison into an Enabling Environment where people live and work together to improve both themselves and each other as well as the environment around them. Since then a lot has changed.

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Facts from the Hard Drive Part 3

Well, I just received notification that my oral parole hearing is to be held in December. I’m not sure whether this will remain the case (since it has already repeatedly been put back for a number of reasons), but it did prompt me to go back and read over the reports again. The thing is, every time I do, I seem to find another comment which has absolutely no justification whatsoever.

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Progress of a Virtual Nomad – Bridge Over a Troubled Daughter

I’m now 228 miles into my virtual journey and am at Glaisdale. Check out my Nomad section to find out why.

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Oh You!

A while ago I wrote about how I was pleasantly surprised to find that a regime instigated problem wouldn’t be held against me by the Open University and the OU coordinators here at the prison when they granted me extra time to finish the penultimate course of my degree and registered me for the final course too. Since then things have moved on a bit.

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Common Sense Alert! 13

A couple of months ago I was running down the stairs to get to use the telephone before going to work and I twisted my ankle really badly. I saw a nurse about it and they gave me the day off but said I could go back to work from the next day, so long as I didn’t put too much pressure on my ankle. Well, since the prison had thrown me into a textile workshop as a sewing machinist, I couldn’t do my usual work because it required me to use my foot to drive the machine. But I did ask for some alternative work (of which there was plenty). Unfortunately, the workshop instructor had other ideas and said that, if I didn’t work on the machine, I was refusing to work and would be sent back without pay. I put up with that for a few days, but soon tired of it since I was not refusing to work at all, I was happy to do whatever work they could give me that was appropriate, given the circumstances. Continue reading

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A Century of Punishments

I just read about a man who has been sentenced for his 190th burglary and it reminds me of a story a friend told me a few years ago which may or may not be true.

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