Stop Looking/Start Seeing

“Put yourself in my shoes,

would you fight for your rights?”

One of the things that frustrates me most about some of the officers here (and the senior officers in particular) is how often what they say doesn’t match up with what they actually do. They tell me that the only way to get anywhere is to go about things in the right way, but when I do it is those who kick off who are rewarded just to placate them. When I submit complaints they tell me to come and speak to them instead, but when I do they either don’t want to know or they say they’ll sort it out but do nothing. They tell me to follow their example, but the example I see them setting is one of bullying, coercion, and discrimination. They tell me to follow the rules, but they frequently breach them themselves. They say they are looking at it from my point of view, but they really don’t see anything they don’t want to. What they’ll never understand is that they can walk through the gate but they will never understand what it is like on our side of the wall.

Stop Looking / Start Seeing by Papa Roach really reflects the feeling this leaves you with during those moments of extreme frustration and at some point enough has to be enough. There’s a time to lead and a time to follow. I won’t take this anymore.

You can read the full lyrics to the song here and you can listen to it on my Playlist section.

Brexit or Bust


The EU referendum is now imminent but the campaign on both sides of the debate has been characterised by mass confusion. It seems that no one really knows what the future holds, regardless of whether we stay or whether we leave. However, if predictions were to be made, here’s one hypothetical forecast of events to come if Britain were to go it alone.

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Taking Sides

At the start of February Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the head of Scotland Yard, said that his force were wrong to automatically believe allegations about a Westminster paedophile ring. He has come under a lot of criticism as a result, including from other high rank police officials such as Vera Baird, the police and crime commissioner for Northumbria, who said “Thousands of victims of sexual abuse have been denied justice through the attitude the Met Commissioner now advocates.”

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Lost in Translation

It has recently been revealed that court translators are costing the British tax payer £60,000 a day. Such services were privatised in 2012 and the Ministry of Justice has said that this privatisation has enabled them to save £38million to date. However, a recent talking point on LBC radio posed the question, why do we bother employing the services of translators at all?

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Not Scrubbing Up

jail-ratA recent inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons of HMP Wormwood Scrubs has resulted in reports in the national press about the atrocious conditions there. However, after looking at what has actually been written about these conditions, it became clear that Scrubs is not an exception, but an example. An example of what prisons up and down the country are like.

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