More Than a Number

I guess I should tell you a bit about who I am. The first thing I should probably make clear is that I’m not a “prison blogger”, I’m a blogger who happens to be in prison. Sure, I’ll probably write a fair bit about prisons, but prisons are not what I’m about.

I started this sentence when I was still a kid. I’ve been inside ever since. I grew up in here. But prison does not define who I am. I am more than just a number.

I’m not going to get into how I ended up in here – that wouldn’t be fair on the people my crimes affected – but I will say that I changed. I grew up. I matured. At times this change was encouraged by the system, and at others I changed in spite of it. But I refuse to be defined by prison. I’m a three dimensional person. I have interests, hobbies, skills. Yes, I’m a prisoner, but I’m so much more too.

I’ve often been told that, being in prison since childhood, I lack the life experience of people my age on the outside. Rubbish. I have twenty-eight years of life experiences. They are just different life experiences. But what use are experiences if you can’t share them? I’ve been writing articles, short stories, and poems for some time now – with varying degrees of success – but even the work I’ve had published has had a limited reach. I guess that’s the nature of prisons. They’re all walls and locked doors. However, that has at least motivated me to start this blog. To break down the doors, scale the walls, and share my experiences with the world beyond. And if you want to reply, if you want to ask any questions or to share back, please do, either through this site or by writing to me direct at the address on the right. It’s always good to know there’s still people on the other side of the wall.

2 thoughts on “More Than a Number

  1. Hi Adam, firstly I would like to say thanks very much for your donation and your support, I’ve no idea how you heard about what I’m doing but I have to say that I never expected a donation to come from a prison. Hope you excuse my ignorance but it’s just something I have never really thought about. I’m a bit stuck for words right now to be honest. I obviously know nothing about you but I do intend following your blog at every opportunity I get. For me at the moment, I don’t get many chances as from day to day it’s a total mystery as to where I will be sleeping at night. As for computers, well I’m useless.
    Thanks again for your donation and your support.

    • Hi Haz, thanks for your message. I should probably clear something up though. The donation actually came from my mum. I’d have loved to donate to you directly but unfortunately the logistics of that are difficult to say the least. I would like to wish you well on your journey though, especially since I am planning something similar myself! I know, how’s he going to manage that then? Actually I’m planning out a virtual route around the country (and then the world) passing through a variety of interesting places. Then I’ll be travelling that route using the treadmill, exercise bike and rowing machine in the prison gym. My plan is to keep a diary of ‘where I would have been’ (with detail) on my blog and take donations to support a prison arts organisation. Which is the other reason I wanted to message you actually. I was wondering if you had any places to suggest for my route? I’m considering all sorts but I have a particular preference for places of importance to the arts, whether that’s visual arts, music, literature, or whatever. Places of immense beauty too though. And places with really interesting local legends. My route is going to follow a really long and winding path, so if you’ve got anywhere you think I should include, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again, Haz. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
      Adam Mac

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