Common Sense Alert!

Prison Service rules state that if a prisoner wants to change their appearance they must first submit an application for permission so that an updated photo can be taken.

There’s one guy on my wing who keeps a beard but occasionally trims it back. Recently he was trimming it when he accidentally went too far and took out a chunk of hair. Obviously he wasn’t keen on walking around with a facial bald patch so he trimmed it right down to the stubble all over so that it could grow back evenly again.

The following morning he was threatened with being placed on report and faced a loss of privileges on the grounds that he hadn’t put an application in to cut off his beard. He told the officer that he couldn’t have put an app’ in because he didn’t know it was going to happen, but the answer he got was simply bizarre. He was told that he should have kept the beard with a bald patch on his cheek and waited to shave it off until his written application could be sent to the security department for consideration.

That’s Prison Service logic for you.

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