What’s The Alternative?

Continuing on from my last post, for some years now I’ve known that sorry just isn’t enough. It doesn’t make up for the past and nothing ever will. But that doesn’t mean that you stop trying. Whether you believe in it or not, the story of the devil being banned for all eternity is highly relevant here. It’s the story of someone who knowingly did wrong and was told that he could never redeem himself. In response, he didn’t even attempt redemption. He embraced his fate to be cast into hell, and decided that he might as well do whatever he wanted and take as many people with him as possible.

Well, I know I’ll never be able to undo what I’ve done, I can never take back the past and I can never make up for it. But I will not give up. Not at least trying to make up for your mistakes is almost as bad as making them in the first place. So I swear, I will spend the rest of my life, futile as it may be, trying to balance the bad I have done with just a little bit of good. I will help who I can. I will do what I can. I will find a way to make a difference.

Why? Well, what’s the alternative?

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