Common Sense Alert! 3

In the December issue of Inside Time a prisoner’s partner wrote in asking for clarification on whether prisoners are allowed to have photos taken. They had previously been banned whilst the Ministry of Justice decided what to do, but despite this ban being lifted since then, a number of prisons still aren’t allowing it.

NOMS (The National Offender Management Service) published a reply to this letter clarifying that photos can be taken, but that they are to be retained in the prisoner’s possession and not to be passed outside of the establishment to any relatives.

Meanwhile, the prison rules state separately that prisoners are not allowed to have pictures of themselves in their possession at all as this is a security risk! Some prisons overlook this, but most forbid prisoners from having any photos that the prisoner is pictured in. That being the case, what is the point of letting us have photos taken if we can’t keep them ourselves, and neither can we send them out to our families?

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