Mark Duggan

A week on from the verdict in the inquest over the death of Mark Duggan, I’ve go to tell you that I’m fed up of hearing blatant gang members justifying criminal behaviour both on TV and on the radio. The fact is, the man had a gun. He was even wearing his gang colours. And no matter what anyone says, this man committed a crime. There is no justification I’m interested in hearing for him.

Oh, and just so you know. The man I am referring to is the police officer who shot Mark. He and the rest of his gang, all dressed in their colours, pursued Mark through the streets of London and then shot him dead. That is the only crime I believe took place there that day.

It was shown in court, the windows of the taxi could not be opened, so Mark couldn’t have thrown the gun out before opening the door. And the eye witnesses testified that when Mark opened the door he got out with a phone in his hand and his hands up, surrendering. So he couldn’t have thrown the gun as he got out, either. And then the police shot him. Not once, but twice. Because of course, he still posed a massive threat with his phone after the first bullet. Oh, but the jury said that they believed the officer. Well I think my last few posts tell you exactly what I think of juries.

This was an execution. Nothing more. Nothing less. And if you think I’m biased, let me tell you that I also know an ex-copper who has himself told me that when friends of his transferred over to the armed response unit he actually cut ties with them completely. Why? Because even he knew that armed response cops are trigger happy gun monkeys. His words.

One thought on “Mark Duggan

  1. as sure as the sun exists…Mark Duggan was publically executed……….the jury was obviously selected by the authorities…a well known practice by the courts……in major and sometimes other cases in the Crown Courts as well as Coroners….

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