Common Sense Alert! 4

A few weeks ago I had a doctors appointment. It was nothing major, just a bit of dry skin, but the doctor’s reaction was farcical.

I showed him where the dry skin was, my left foot, and told him that I’d already tried creams to treat the symptoms but they hadn’t worked. He immediately said I needed athletes foot powder so I asked if he was going to give me it and he said that he couldn’t, I had to buy it for myself. Since there is no powder on the prison canteen list, I told him so and asked where I could get it from. He couldn’t even tell me. He just shrugged his shoulders and said “Well, people get it.” Then he said he’d prescribe more cream even if it doesn’t work!

But I’m one of the lucky ones. There’s a guy on my wing who broke his wrist and was told by the nursing staff that there was nothing wrong with it for six weeks before they finally x-rayed it and saw that not only was it broken, it had started to heal out of line. They put a cast on it, and then left the cast on for well over the four weeks he was recommended. He was still wearing it three months later! In the end he had to take it off himself.

Sometimes the mind boggles.

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