Good News!

I said in one of my previous posts that despite various people and organisations making clear recommendations regarding what courses I need access to in order to progress, the prison service has ignored them and prevented me accessing any. This hasn’t been helped over the last few years by the actions of a few individuals who seemed determined to make my life a misery.

Most recently this has been manifested by someone (I don’t know who) writing an anonymous note which claimed that I was planning to take a member of staff hostage and had a home-made weapon in my cell. I was told about the note on the Thursday but my cell wasn’t actually searched until the following Tuesday. The problem was, since I didn’t know that the weapon was there, hidden behind a bookcase, I couldn’t get rid of it. When the officers searched the cell they found it and put me on the segregation unit. I was also placed on report but the Governor himself said (in writing) that he is “not convinced that the weapon was not planted”. After explaining that I’d have to be the dumbest person in the world to knowingly keep hold of a weapon when I’d already been told that staff are investigating, I requested a transfer on the grounds that there was a risk of whoever was really responsible doing the same again, or worse. A few days later, I was transferred here to Wakefield and subsequently found not guilty of all charges.

However, by the time I was moved, HMP Frankland had already been asked by the Parole Board to start writing their reports for my next parole hearing and, despite my having been transferred, they were therefore still responsible for compiling my parole dossier and deciding what to include and what not to. It didn’t seem to matter that I was found not guilty. They plastered their allegations all through every report, practically from the very first page. And as if that wasn’t enough, I have also received written confirmation that staff at HMP Frankland have directed staff at HMP Wakefield not to change my sentence planning targets prior to my parole hearing under any circumstances. Not only is this procedurally improper, it is actually unlawful.

I knew that these things could have potentially devastating effects on my parole prospects so I wrote to the Parole Board requesting either a six-month deferral for new reports to be written by Wakefield instead of Frankland, or that I be granted an oral hearing where I could present evidence that the reports are not accurate and question the writers of those reports with regard to why they have knowingly attempted to mislead the Board in what they have written.

Well, last week I heard from my solicitor. I haven’t had a copy myself yet, but he now informs me that he has received notification from the Parole Board that they have actually granted me a deferral until May AND an oral hearing at which I will be able to question the report writers. It’s the first bit of really good news in this department for quite a while.

Frankly, I’m fed up of prison staff believing that they can tell whatever lies they want and just get away with it because there is always another member of staff, just as corrupt, to cover their arse. Well, no more. When my parole hearing comes around, they had better be sure about how they plan to justify what they’ve written, especially given some of the information that has now been disclosed to me. If they’re going to play games with my life, they can be damned sure that I’m going to make sure they play by the rules.

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