No More Maccy D’s

I wish I’d never written the post about being able to see McDonald’s from my cell window. As much as I hate the place, it kind of felt like a connection to the outside world. A familiar reference point if you like.

Well, not any more. They recently moved me onto a different wing. I’m now at ground level with a fantastic view of a brick wall and some razor wire. I can still see the sky though. But only if I crane my neck. Still, I’m not complaining this time (I totally am). I don’t want them to move me again and end up with an even worse view. The next step has to be a dungeon.

2 thoughts on “No More Maccy D’s

  1. Am following your posts with interest. I am sorry to hear you have little view of the outside world. I did not realise how barbaric the prison system can be in the way it treats its prisoners.

    It seems the current thought process is to deprive prisoners of even the basic level of humanity which surely doesn’t rehabilitate a prisoner for the often complex real world on the outside.

    Kepp posting as I can educate others about the realities of prison and not the medias reporting of it.

    • Thanks spidersweb. That’s exactly what we need in order to raise awareness and start making changes. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to beat the system, I just want it to work, and that means showing a bit of humanity every once in a while.

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