Voldermort’s Whole Life Sentence

I recently came across an article that unites my love of literature with my experience of prisons. LoveReading.co.uk have conducted some research and calculated the appropriate sentences for the crimes committed by some of the most dastardly of villains from children’s books!

Among those calculated, the Wicked Witch of the West would receive between 28 and 39 years for crimes ranging from animal cruelty to attempted murder by setting fire to the scarecrow. Captain Hook would receive up to 63 years for everything from piracy to child abuse, and Willy Wonka would get as long as 20 years for child neglect and slave labour (with reference to the oompa loompas). But Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter would get the longest sentence, serving a minimum of 134 years for terrorism, genocide, and almost every other crime you can think of! I’m thinking he’d probably get one of those whole life terms that this government seems to be fighting so hard to retain.

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