Sharing Smiles

Because of the nature of my situation, there are some things which I just shouldn’t write about until well after they are all sorted out. This has been the case a lot recently, with a lot of problems occurring here that I probably won’t be able to detail for at least a few more weeks. But that tends to leave me feeling dejected and extremely frustrated. That’s why I love what just happened to me.

I’ve been in this cell for a while now, but I just found something that I never noticed before. The metal door and door frame are painted dark red but, as I looked up at an unusual angle, I noticed something shine in the red paint above the door. It looked like scratches at first, but then I realised that they were pencil lines. It was writing.

I had to stand on a chair to get a good look at it, but when I read it, this is what it said:

Truth is the only weapon we possess.”

It’s a nice thought. But it’s more than that. It came at the right time. I was feeling down about not being able to share some of the things that are going on here, and I got a message. I’m not saying it magically appeared from nowhere, or that whoever wrote it knew that I would read it and it would help me, but they did write it. No matter what they thought about it at the time, it helped me. Someone wrote something that helped.

How I should interpret the message is open to debate of course, and I certainly won’t be interpreting it as a sign that I should jump the gun and just write what I want, regardless of the consequences. But it was enough for it to be there, and to make me smile.

It reminds me of another thought I came across a while back:

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

Share the smiles guys. It makes a difference.

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