Praise where it’s Due

During my time in prison, I’ve experienced a lot of unnecessary obstructions even with the most simple of things such as receiving my mail. I’ve had letters which were sent to me being given to the wrong prisoner, I’ve had legal mail opened ‘by error’, I’ve had letters I’ve sent to the media stopped with no justification, and I’ve had both outgoing and incoming mail delayed excessively and, in some cases, lost completely.

However, that was mostly at another establishment and, lately, I’ve had less problems with my mail than I ever have before. It’s even got to the point where I can put a letter in the post box on the wing on a Friday morning, and it’s arrived at it’s destination (sometimes at the other end of the country) by the very next day. In fact, recently I sent a letter, received a reply, sent a response to that reply, and then received another reply, all in a single week! A turn-around like that is unheard of when it comes to prisoner’s mail. So, praise where it’s due, I have to thank the censors department here for their good work. Long may it continue.

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