The Law of Averages

I’m running a bit behind the media right now. Being in the segregation unit is like being in a whole different time zone, subject to a complete temporal flux and operating sometimes completely in line with the rest of the world, and sometimes lagging by as much as an entire month behind it. However, I’ve just heard some of the crazy goings on for the Police Federation.

So the Home Secretary points out some examples of how the police have been shown to have lied, cheated, and acted excessively, saying that these were areas that need to improve if trust in the police is to be rebuilt, and a speaker for the Federation equates that to him having to take a kicking! No. It’s not that at all. It’s a little thing called accountability. But then, that isn’t something the police are used to being subjected to. Accountability applies only to us cretins without a warrant card, surely?

But they agree to reform anyway. Great. Good move. A step in the right direction. And what will be your first act after making that agreement? You’ve elected a new leader? Oh, ok. Well, yes, I guess good leadership will be important in this period of great change. Who have you elected? Steve White? What’s he like? A great reformer you say? Well that sounds perfect. So how did you choose him? Oh right, I see. You flipped a coin. Well I suppose that is better than choosing for themselves. If all their decisions are based on heads or tails then they should at least end up doing the right thing half of the time, by sheer chance. It might not be perfect but it’s improvement.

3 thoughts on “The Law of Averages

    • I’m going to end up in a Trek war by answering that question, I can feel it, but I’ll answer anyway. I wouldn’t call myself a Star Trek fan, no. But I don’t hate it and if I had to favour one series over the rest I’d come down firmly on the side of Voyager. You probably thing that’s either the exact right answer or utter blasphemy, right?

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