The Grand Menagerie

For a long time now I have thought that prisoners tend to have massive double standards. The amount of people who own, or have previously owned budgies is truly amazing. But what is even more shocking is the number of prisoners who admit to having caught or kept such things as flies, spiders, or cockroaches as a pet in a small box. Yet simultaneously, the same people will moan endlessly about the brutality of caging a person in such a confined space day after day. It is their boredom and lack of liberty that makes them want a pet in the first place. But aren’t they just doing the same thing to the animal?

Personally, I’d love a bit of companionship and a pet may well help with that, but I don’t think I could do that to another living thing. When I know how much I miss my freedom and how deeply I hate being locked away from the wider world, unable to simply run or ride or swim, why would I inflict that same torture on something else?

But the double standards don’t end there. I constantly hear prisoners complaining about how such and such a person keeps arguing with people and creating dramas which everyone could really do without having to deal with or even witness. Yet those very same people will spend all day talking to one another about the goings on in the Big Brother house. I’m not a fan of Big Brother for one very good reason: if I wanted to watch a load of people being locked in a confined environment where the only thing they can think to do is create petty dramas and arguments, I’d simply look around the wing. I wouldn’t need to watch Big Brother at all. And if witnessing such dramas bugs you, then you shouldn’t be watching Big Brother either.

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