Facts from the Hard Drive Part 3

Well, I just received notification that my oral parole hearing is to be held in December. I’m not sure whether this will remain the case (since it has already repeatedly been put back for a number of reasons), but it did prompt me to go back and read over the reports again. The thing is, every time I do, I seem to find another comment which has absolutely no justification whatsoever.

I’ve mentioned before that I was moved from Frankland to Wakefield last year when prison staff received an anonymous note claiming I intended to take a hostage and, after searching my cell, they found a home made weapon. Well, the offender supervisor’s addendum report which forms part of my parole dossier, references this saying: “This resulted in a pending adjudication, however perusal of the records indicates ‘charge not proceeded’ there is no further information on record with regards to this.”

This makes it sound like the charge is still pending but has not yet been proceeded with which is simply not the case. The charge is no longer pending because it was not proceeded with. What’s more, if you check the overview of adjudications it is correct that it does not say the reasons for the dismissal of the charge, but if you actually go to the record for the individual adjudication charge the reason for this is made very clear. In the record of the hearing the governor himself wrote: “I am not convinced that this weapon was not planted.”

So why would the reporter raise it in this way in a parole report when the prison is fully aware that I was not guilty of the charge? Well, this is why I keep copies of all paperwork. In the past I have had these sorts of things written in reports and found that, when it comes to the parole hearing, they believe it because I have no evidence to prove otherwise. This time I do. This time I and my solicitor both have copies of the adjudication record. I have to wonder what the parole panel will think about this report writer’s comments once I give them a copy. This could prove to be quite an interesting hearing.

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