Common Sense Alert! 16

High security prisons hold both category A (high risk) prisoners, and category B (the high end of medium risk) prisoners. These ratings do not always reflect the reality of a certain prisoner’s risk, but in order to get downgraded from category A to category B, they go through a review board each year.

Just recently a high profile prisoner here at Wakefield told me about his experience following such a review board. He had received relevant reports, and gone through the board, and two weeks later he had heard nothing back. He assumed that this meant that he was to remain category A for another year. But then he tried to leave the wing to go to work.

At officer stopped him and asked him why his prisoner I.D. Card was red. He said it was because he was cat A and all cat A cards are red (cat B cards being white). However the officer just frowned and said “haven’t you been told? You came off cat A last week!”

I always knew that communication in the prison service was shocking, but this is meant to be a high security jail. You’d have thought that the security level of each and every prisoner would be at the forefront of all considerations. How is it possible that a prisoner would be walking around under a set of security provisions which no longer apply to him for over a week before anyone notices?!

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