Warm Heart in a Cold Place

Those of you who have no direct experience of what prison is like would be forgiven for thinking that most prisoners have no interest in charity at all. That is certainly what the media would often like everyone to believe. But over the years I have seen dozens of efforts to raise money for a whole host of causes. Tens of thousands of pounds are raised by prisoners in this regard every year.

Last year a friend of mine set up one such effort for Cancer Research UK. They raised a few hundred pounds from prisoners and staff (you might be surprised by who donated the most by a significant margin), and it spurred him on to set up another, even bigger effort this year.

The plan he now has is to involve prisoners at every prison across the country to run, ride, or row 100,000 miles. So far Cancer Research UK are behind it, the Governor and his staff here are behind it, and NOMS HQ are reportedly behind it. So he has started already.

He has enlisted a number of prisoners and staff to contribute their miles to the good cause and they are making progress faster than even my friend had expected. As others join the march forward, that process can only speed up, and the potential for fund raising is unrivalled by any prison charity effort I have ever seen before.

I have said for a long time that prisoners really are capable of some positive things which help society. This kind of thing just proves it.

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