Common Sense: Selling Stories

Over the past couple of years a number of police officers and prison staff have been convicted of leaking stories to the press about prisoners. Frankly I can’t believe so many people are pretending they didn’t know this kind of thing went on.

When a news report comes on TV saying that a celebrity has just been arrested, how do you think the reporter found out? It wasn’t the celebrity who told them. It was the police. And when a mugshot of the prime suspect in a high profile case is splashed across the front pages of the tabloids, where do you think it came from? The prisoner’s solicitor didn’t send it to the papers. Prison staff did. And when a story pops up about what the latest person of prime notoriety does with their days at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, how do you think it got out? It wasn’t the prisoner’s family. It was the officers who see it every day.

This kind of thing has gone on for decades. The media can’t find out about anything that goes on in a police station or prison without the assistance of police and prison officers. Getting pictures is even harder still. None of this is a shock. It’s common sense. Pretending to be outraged by it now is simple hypocrisy.

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