Looking Back on June

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that actually restore your faith in human nature. When I first started my sentence I didn’t dislike officers at all. I honestly looked at them as people who were just trying to do a job. Over time the way I was treated, and the way I witnessed others being treated changed that and led me to view them in quite a dim light. But, every now and again something will happen to remind me that it isn’t all of them, only some. This month was no exception.

I had been waiting to go to the gym but when the officer came to my wing last he said that there was no room left and, even though I was the only one waiting, he couldn’t squeeze me in. It wasn’t a big deal but it was disappointing. The following day I was waiting for gym again and the same officer came to collect us. He walked straight up to me and said “I owe you an apology. It turned out there was room yesterday but when I realised it was too late to get you down. I’ll make sure you’re first on the list today though.” I was shocked. If he hadn’t said anything I would never have known, but he had not only apologised for getting it wrong, he had offered to rectify it too.

It’s a real shame that an officer taking responsibility for their mistakes (even such small ones) is so rare and that, when it does happen, it leaves me so shocked. But it is enough to remind me that they are not all the same.

It’s good to be reminded of that sometimes. I just hope that someone reminds them that prisoners aren’t all the same too sometimes.

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