“These days I pull twenty teeth or more for every thousand Easter eggs that get eaten and every single one of them gets sent straight to the Tooth Fairy’s tooth reclamation plant.”

A while back I was set a challenge by the creative writing tutor here. He’s heavily into his surrealism and his comedy and he set me a task to write a piece along those lines. I’m not sure quite how comedic it turned out, but what I came up with was definitely surreal.

The theme he set me was ‘dentists’ and it took a while for me to think of anything to write about that at all, but once I got going, the story seemed to write itself. You can read what I came up with here.

I have to say, I do like a challenge when it comes to writing so if any of you ever want to set one, you can leave it as a comment or send it as a mail and I’ll definitely try to rise to it. What am I letting myself in for?!

5 thoughts on “Bucktooth

  1. Great story but my chilled demeanour going to the Dentist has changed to abject terror (I have an appointment on Monday).
    Your story put me in mind of *In With the Doctor*, a short story from James Kelman’s *Greyhound for Breakfast*. He is a relatively obscure Glasgow writer.
    Your tale also confirmed my assertion, which many find unbelievable, that HMP contains many talented people. For me and for my culture, storytelling is one of the finest things and you’ve certainly got it. Use it well.

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