One Off

One Off (small)

“One off” is a phrase shouted into the office at most prisons by any officer taking a prisoner off the wing. But it has come to be used as a taunt by prisoners too. Whenever someone has a fight and is dragged down to segregation by the officers, some brave soul will shout out “One off!”. Whenever a prisoner trips over and hurts themselves, necessitating a visit to healthcare, there’ll always be someone with a great sense of humour ready to make the call “One off!”. And whenever someone decides they can’t handle it any more and takes their own life, as the officers run to try and resuscitate them there is always a caring and sensitive voice will ring out across the wing every time, “One off!”.

It is not something I have ever heard said by a prisoner with anything but malice in their voice. It is a phrase that makes me cringe every time. This picture represents the worst possible use of it.

You can view my other art work on my gallery page.

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