The Duality of Love

The Duality of Love is another poem which I wrote a while ago now and I guess it kind of speaks for itself, especially given how short it is.

I wasn’t sure whether to put it up in my poetry section before, but I have just recently received news that a poetry collection I put together has won a prize in the Koestler Awards and they have picked The Duality of Love from the collection to include in their exhibition at the Southbank Centre in London.

The collection is called ‘The Road Home: A journey through love, loss, and a life-sentence’, and was dedicated to someone who gave me hope when I had forgotten the meaning of the word. A lot changed between me writing it and the Koestler results being announced, but it won a First Time Entrant Prize along with two of my other entries.

In addition, I am very pleased to say that, among my other entries, 3 were Commended, 2 were Highly Commended, 1 won a Bronze award, 2 won Silver awards, 3 won Gold awards, and 1 won a Platinum award. The Platinum award was Wakefield’s prison magazine, which was a group entry, and which I was very pleased to have the opportunity of taking the lead on designing since it was our tenth anniversary bumper edition.

I haven’t included an extract of The Duality of Love in this post because, well, an extract would be the entire poem! But if you would like to read the poem that Koestler will be including in their exhibition, you can view it here.

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