Meet the Psychopaths

Last night Channel 5 aired a show all about potential psychopaths and their crimes. I genuinely cannot believe how full of crap it was.

One of their many claims was that a high score on the psychopathy checklist indicates increased risk of committing offences and anyone with such a score would find it hard to stay out of prison.

However, Dr. Robert Hare who invented the checklist, has written extensively on the misuse of it and the fact that it should not be used as a risk assessment tool because it was never designed for that. He has also written a large amount on the fact that most people who score highly on the checklist will never commit any offences at all. They might not be pleasant people, but the idea that all psychopaths are violent is entirely erroneous. Those who actually kill are far rarer still. Not all psychopaths are killers and not all killers are psychopaths.

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