The Challenge

“How do you beat jumping off a moving bus?

By jumping onto a moving train.”

This story is actually based on something I actually did when I was about 15 years old. It starts out exactly as it did in real life except that, in real life, the train stopped.

And that’s what got me wondering. Now I’m grown and I can look back on what I did with a bit more maturity, I can imagine what might have happened if things hadn’t gone to plan. In reality, when I was 15, I didn’t give it’s a moment’s thought. The fact that the train slowed and stopped after carrying me the length of the platform to the tune of cheers from my friends just encouraged me and before long it became a bit of a party trick whenever we were drunk and on our way home from a night out. Especially when we were trying to impress any girls we had with us (in that juvenile teenage boy way which always works so well). In fact, I think there was only ever one girl who thought it was anything other than dumb.

I guess this gives a wider picture though. If I (and so many of my friends) could do such stupid and impulsive things without thinking about the consequences, either for ourselves or for others, then is it any wonder that some of us ended up falling into criminality?

You can read the full story here.

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