9 thoughts on “So We’re Leaving Then

    • The funny thing is, Britain leaving the EU is probably going to increase the amount of immigration, whilst France leaving would be more likely to reduce the amount of people who get here.

  1. Don’t worry, Adam. Just keep on slagging off parole judges, and by the time they finally let you out, Britain will be in…

  2. On a more serious note, I can’t help wondering whether the Justice Minister wouldn’t have a higher score than you in a PCL-r test. Pity he doesn’t have to take one.

    • I expect that would depend upon who administered it. “Allegiance to the Service Provider” is one of the biggest problems with such tests. It is very easy to cherry pick information which satisfies the intended conclusions of those who have asked for the test to be completed and I would almost certainly score Gove higher than someone who works (indirectly) for the Ministry (such as a prison psychologist).

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