“They claim that I’m violent, just cause I refuse to be silent,

These hypocrites are havin’ fits, cause I’m not buyin it.”

I always preferred 2pacs poetry to his songs but there are a few which I really relate to, especially in this environment. The above lyrics describe the relationship I have had with ‘the system’ over the last few years pretty well. In short, they start by twisting the truth, then they hide it, and finally they abandon it altogether. What’s more, when you catch them out and try to engage with them on equal terms, they label you.

They might call you uncooperative, they might call you manipulative, or they might call you violent. But these are reflective of their own acts. You are uncooperative with their attempts to twist the truth. You are manipulative because you try to find ways to stop them hiding the truth. You are violent because you take a stand when they abandon the truth. And all of this could have been avoided if they just told the truth.

Is that so much to ask from so called professional rehabilitators?

You can read the full lyrics to ‘Violent’ by 2Pac here or you can listen to it on my playlist.

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