Common Sense: Selling Stories

Over the past couple of years a number of police officers and prison staff have been convicted of leaking stories to the press about prisoners. Frankly I can’t believe so many people are pretending they didn’t know this kind of thing went on.

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Common Sense Alert! 16

High security prisons hold both category A (high risk) prisoners, and category B (the high end of medium risk) prisoners. These ratings do not always reflect the reality of a certain prisoner’s risk, but in order to get downgraded from category A to category B, they go through a review board each year.

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Common Sense Alert! 15

A while back one of the lads in here (who has only been locked up fairly recently) wrote to his bank to ask them to please send his statements to him here rather than at his home address. Now obviously no-one would want their bank to simply accede to such requests without carrying out the relevant checks, but the response they sent was simply bizarre.

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Common Sense Alert! 13

A couple of months ago I was running down the stairs to get to use the telephone before going to work and I twisted my ankle really badly. I saw a nurse about it and they gave me the day off but said I could go back to work from the next day, so long as I didn’t put too much pressure on my ankle. Well, since the prison had thrown me into a textile workshop as a sewing machinist, I couldn’t do my usual work because it required me to use my foot to drive the machine. But I did ask for some alternative work (of which there was plenty). Unfortunately, the workshop instructor had other ideas and said that, if I didn’t work on the machine, I was refusing to work and would be sent back without pay. I put up with that for a few days, but soon tired of it since I was not refusing to work at all, I was happy to do whatever work they could give me that was appropriate, given the circumstances. Continue reading

Common Sense Alert! 12

I feel really conflicted about this one. A while ago an officer on my wing came up to me and, out of nowhere, said “That’s an interesting blog you’ve got!” I wasn’t sure I’d heard him right at first but when he repeated himself I was really taken aback and could only think to say “Oh, right, yeah. Um, thanks.” He said a colleague had stumbled across it and asked him if he’d seen it so he took a look. But then he said something that threw me even more.

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