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    • Yes, I’ve never been to Italy but if I ever make it to Venice than this is definitely one of the mandatory views I will have to check out.

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  4. Great stuff Adam … I particularly love the writing that comes across to me like a fingerprint – not sure if that is what you intended? I took the liberty of saving it to my desktop so I could enlarge and read it. You are a very talented man and I’m really pleased you’re continuing this blog. I’ll be sharing it with others and on social media in 2016, if that’s okay with you. My novel is nearly finished – half set in prison. A final rewrite after great feedback coming soon (about three months of work) and then I’ll be looking for a top agent this time, instead of publishing it myself. I have some ideas for publicising my novel, as well as highlighting issues within prison – and would like to highlight this blog (with your permission) as a window into the incarcerated world. Take care. Look after yourself and do what you can to progress and eventually get the hell out of there …

    • Thank you for your comments and for the offer of a bit more publicity, this is always welcome! Please keep me updated when your book is released as I’d very much like to read it.
      I will certainly do my best to get out of here as soon as possible, though I have to admit I seem to be losing my reasons to want to as the years go by. Isn’t that always the way with long-termers? The closer you get to release, the less you have to get out to.

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