Back from the Brink (Part Two)

Yesterday I wrote about how the lack of communication between me and the prison authorities here led to a frustrating situation for all concerned. Today I want to tell you about how that frustration became discipline and punishment.

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Raise Me Up to Let Me Down

In 2014 there were 25,775 incidents of self-harm in English and Welsh prisons. In 2015 there were 32,313 – a rise of more than 25% in a single year. What’s more, in 2015 it was found that those serving indeterminate sentences have one of the highest rates of self harm in prison, more than any other type of sentence. What is yet to be examined is whether there is a causal relationship between efforts at rehabilitation and self-harm. Continue reading

Statistical Anomaly

On the 5th of April 2016 the Acting Governor here published a Notice to Prisoners detailing how many prisoners here at HMP Wakefield have progressed to other prisons during the last quarter. She wrote that 3 category A prisoners have been transferred to PIPE units (intensive psychological treatment units), 2 category B prisoners were also transferred to PIPE units, 2 cat B prisoners were transferred to Therapeutic Community prisons (such as Grendon or Dovegate), 5 cat Bs have been transferred in order for them to access offending behaviour programs, 7 cat Bs have been transferred for other progressive reasons, and 3 cat Cs were transferred to category C prisons. During the same period 1 prisoner was recategorised from cat A to cat B, and 11 were recategorised from cat B to cat C. Meanwhile, 3 category B prisoners were released from this prison at the direction of the Parole Board. However, it is what follows these numbers which I dispute and, in my own opinion, is highly dishonest. Continue reading

Once Shy, Twice Bitten

What a lot of people don’t realise is just how hard it can be to do the right thing in prison. Not because it is inherently difficult to try but because, when you do try, you are often pushed further and further to see if you’ll keep trying. This happened to me recently when I bit my tongue in an effort to keep my head down, but was almost immediately required to bite it again for my trouble.

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