At different times in my sentence I have found that certain songs seem to reflect my own life with an eerie accuracy. Below are links to some of the tracks that have been most noteworthy since starting this blog, together with a link to the post that explains their significance.

Violent by 2pac (Violent)

Stop Looking/Start Seeing by Papa Roach (Stop Looking/Start Seeing)

San Quentin by Johnny Cash (San Quentin)

Daydreaming by Paramore (Daydreaming)

Imaginary by Evanescence (Imaginary)

Brighter Side by OPM (Brighter Side)

End of the World News (Dose Me Up) by Tom McRae (End of the World News)

McFearless by Kings of Leon (McFearless and the Troubles)

The Troubles by U2 (McFearless and the Troubles)

Let Her Go by Passenger (A Lyrical Life)

Home by Rudimental (Powerful Thoughts)