Paper Boat

This boat was built

to carry dreams.

This paper boat

isn’t all it seems.

To obey the mind,

to obey the soul,

to horizon chase;

these are its goals.

It carries me

across the sea

to find a place

for me to be.

To find a place

where all can see,

I am but me.

That, this boat sees.

This paper boat

hides many things,

This boat is loved

when hope it brings.

To the deaf it acts,

to the blind it sings.

To reach their hearts

is the race of kings.

To me it sails

around the earth,

To me that’s what

this dream boat’s worth.

These striking winds,

these stormy seas,

my paper boat

can’t float through these.

As it sinks I’ll cry

and say goodbye.

We’ll meet again

and then we’ll fly.

And in a future time

of past thoughts and feelings

we will search

for ways of healing.

We will search

for a place to be

where all can see

I am but me.

That, this boat sees.


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