When my parents have passed,

my brother is always busy,

and my sister is gone,


When my pockets are empty,

my clothes do not fit,

and my friends have moved on,


When my face is all wrinkled,

my gut is protruding,

and my hair has gone grey,


When my vision is fading,

my hearing is hard,

and my home is a state,


When I have lost all that I love,

I will still have the memories

of the good times we had.


And as I lie there dreaming

I will still have a smile,

and I will never be sad.


3 thoughts on “When

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  2. These are very true words from a person who feels every one of them. A smile makes us feel good about ourselves which gets us through the day. A smile helps us feel joy and happiness which you can’t buy. There are many of us for one reason or another just get through one day at a time but a smile makes it easier. So carry on smiling and enjoy your memories they are the important things in life. Try to believe that something wonderful is about to happen. And always remember that some don’t have any happy memories. I will continue to enjoy reading your blogs.

    • One of my favourite sayings is “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”. Your comment certainly made me smile. Thanks.

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