Close of Play

As the head of security, I was informed of the tip off just as soon as I got into work but, with the exception of the branch manager, it was decided that the rest of the staff should be kept in the dark. The details were too sketchy to tell them anyway. All the police could say for sure was that the robbery was due to take place some time in the next twenty-four hours.

However, an hour after we closed the branch for the day, the daily count was completed and Sophie, the head cashier, led the other staff back up from the safe in the basement. They all had their jackets and bags and were ready to leave.

‘Come on,’ Sophie said. ‘I’ll give you a lift. You ready?’

I nodded and slipped on my jacket, zipping it all the way as we stepped out into the dark street. The winter air was biting and I began to shake uncontrollably as we headed for Sophie’s car.

We nearly made it. But then without warning, the street was flooded with light.

‘Don’t move!’ the first one screamed. ‘Police!’

‘On the ground. Now!’ shouted a second.

As I took a look around it became clear that we were surrounded. There were at least ten men, each with a gun and a bulletproof vest, and they were moving closer.

‘I can’t go to jail, Mike’, Sophie said as our eyes met.

I nodded. And then we both reached into our jackets.

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