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Justice and the Law

As if the verdict in the Mark Duggan case wasn’t bad enough, last week the CPS announced their conclusions in relation to the case of Anthony Granger. Anthony was shot dead by a police officer in Manchester despite, like Mark Duggan, being unarmed. The CPS have concluded that the jury would be more likely than not to believe that the officer felt threatened and was therefore justified in shooting. On that basis they have chosen not to charge the officer in question with anything at all. Instead they have decided to prosecute Greater Manchester Police for breach of health and safety in the work place.

The CPS, the police and the justice system in general are simply making jokes of the lives of innocent citizens. This cannot go on. Continue reading

The Sixth Commandment

I was watching the Daily Politics last week when they did a segment on Politics and the Church. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that one of the MPs they had on as their guest parroted the cliché that ‘faith should have no influence on legislation.’

This might seem to make sense until you actually look at the very origins of our legal system. The Courts in this country have their roots in the church and even some of the laws are only in place because of religious teaching. Continue reading