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McFearless and The Troubles

At the end of April I spoke about an interview I had recently with a psychologist. Apart from the one area which, as I said, really messed with my head, the interview went relatively well. However, such interviews are always difficult, especially given that you have to discuss some of the darkest times in your life in such detail.

There are two songs which reflect my feelings about time spent with prison psychologists. One is McFearless by Kings of Leon and the other is The Troubles by U2. Neither is really anything to do with such things, but the lyrics perfectly reflect my feelings on a level which they were probably never intended to. Here’s a taster:

The Troubles

You think it’s easier

to put your finger on the trouble

when the trouble is you

And you think it’s easier to know your own tricks

well it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do.


It’s safe to say

if I don’t get this out of me

I might quite easily

end up dead

or just mad

cross my t’s

and try to dot my i’s

but that’s just blinding me

and I ain’t living that way

I roll my sleeves

to make a better man of me