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I Stand Corrected

Some people seem to have the view that I think I’m always right. That’s not the case at all, I was wrong once, but that was back in the eighties.

In all seriousness though, I wrote in a previous post that for education to be truly successful it needs to be a positive experience. I then received an email from someone pointing out that this isn’t necessarily the case. “We learn from our mistakes and past errors don’t we?” she asked.

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A Fine, Unbiased System

This place is really hilarious sometimes. If it didn’t affect me so personally I’d probably believe my life was a total farce. What follows is an absolutely true, verbatim account of one of my recent experiences.

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Housed, Clothed, Fed, and Educated

I’ve been a student all of my life. I was still at school when I was locked up. I did a couple of GCSEs and an A level in juvenile prisons (along with various courses at levels one to four). I started my Open University degree studies in Young Offenders’. I continued that as I moved into the adult estate at HMP Frankland. And I’m still doing them now I’m here at Wakefield. However, when I complete my degree next year, I am sad to say that I will probably be leaving prison education behind altogether.

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