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The Psychology of Segregation

I don’t know how long they’re going to keep me here in segregation, but the prison is saying they can’t move me back to the wing until everything has been investigated and conclusions have been reached regarding who was involved and who wasn’t, and despite me having told them exactly where to find the evidence that I wasn’t part of the incident, no-one seems too keen to actually do that. So I wait.

In the meantime, I’m going to be examining some of the things I have experienced during this whole process and asking why things have to run this way.

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When is a Witness Not a Witness?

I feel like I should explain why my Travels of a Virtual Nomad has been suspended.

A while ago I wrote about being moved from a cell with a view of most of Wakefield city to one with only a brick wall outside of the window and I said that the next step would probably be the dungeon.

Well, I’m now in the dungeon. At least I’m in the segregation unit (which pretty much equates to the same thing.)

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