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End of The World News (Dose Me Up)

Tom McRae has been one of my favourite acoustic artists since I saw him perform at the Shepherds Bush Empire when I was 15 and this song in particular has an ever changing meaning and significance for me. Just lately, the lyrics have been reminding me that no matter how much success I have, I will never stop aiming ever higher so, when I feel like it’s all just hard work and I never get to where I want to be, maybe I need to remember that where I am now I would have been more than happy with five years ago, and I will never run out of lessons to learn.

“You wake up to the sound of alarms

and you’re driving your fabulous car.

Listening to the music that reminds you

you used to be young, you used to be young,

and now you’re searching for a sign with your name

to define you the king of the game.

What will you do when there’s nothing left

for you to earn, and for you to learn?”