Full Circle

When I started this virtual journey I set out from the mulberry bush which grows here at HMP Wakefield and immediately headed for the Chantry Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin which stands half way across the medieval bridge over the River Calder. There are just four of these chapels left in Britain and, after eight months and 360 miles of running, riding and rowing, I have reached the second such bridge chapel.

It’s true, I am now in Rotherham, just 20 miles from my starting point, and I could have taken a much faster and more direct route, but my tour of Yorkshire has been a full one. I’ve seen sites of local legend, places that inspired works of great art and literature, and even locations of spectacular natural beauty. And now, as I cross the bridge and pass the chapel here in Rotherham, the Yorkshire leg of my journey all but comes to an end.

I will take Rotherham as a place to rest up for the next month or so, but when I restart my journey I will be heading south, out of Yorkshire, and into Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire, for the second leg. From there on…Who knows?!

Please stay with my virtual travels, and please also remember that I am open to suggestions for places I should visit. Especially if they relate either to crime and punishment or to the arts and literature. Your support and donations over these past months are greatly appreciated and I look forward to resuming my travels soon.

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