Lock Up Your…Cows?

Since my journey started from prison, I thought I should stop off at Hunmanby where you can still find the old lock-up, consisting of two cells with tiny barred windows where those awaiting sentence to the stocks or to the whipping post used to be housed.

However, though many villages have standing lock-ups, Hunmanby is peculiar in that it stands beside a pinfold, which was a circular stone lock-up for cows! Granted, it wasn’t normally used whilst cows themselves awaited the stocks, it was actually where stray cows were put until claimed by their rightful owners, but the very idea that both human and bovine vagrants might be locked up alongside one another is one that tickles me.

Having said that, when I listen to half of the strange noises I hear from the other cons late at night, I sometimes wonder if I was inadvertently transferred from the prison system to a zoo myself. Just yesterday I heard one guy making strange bird noises. Strange. Very, very, strange.

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