Proving a Point

I’m stopping here at Kirk Dale for one reason only…to prove a point! On a number of occasions I have ended up disputing whether Britain has ever been home to animals such as bears or lions, with friends and family. It is strange how often that one has come up, but it has and I always maintained that, although a long time ago, Britain was absolutely once the home to such animals. But no one ever seemed to believe me.

Well…In 1821 a group of workmen digging in a quarry broke through the mouth of a cave and found it full of various animal bones including bears, lions, mammoths, rhino, hippos, bison, giant oxen, and even tigers. They all date back to before the last ice age, 20,000 years ago, and it was believed that the cave was probably the home of a group of hyenas that dragged in the animals over generations.

What more proof could you need than the remains of the animals themselves? And all right here in Kirk Dale.

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