Thankful in Yorkshire

After 280 miles, and as I reach Catwick village, the last of Yorkshire’s Thankful Villages, I want to express my own appreciation for the things I am thankful for.

Firstly, for my family. Many of them have grown more distant (both from myself and from each other) as the years have passed, but even those who I no longer have contact with have nothing but my love and respect. As for those who remain and who have been a constant source of support to me, to you I am especially grateful. You are more than I deserve.

I am also thankful for the gifts and opportunities I have. I was blessed both with a natural desire to learn and with having people in my life who I could learn from. Whether it was my family, my teachers, or even the friends I have picked up along the way, they all taught me something and led me to become the person I am now. They helped me change from a boy I loathed to a man I can be proud of. You are all my magic pebbles.

Finally, I am thankful for the woman I love. It has never been smooth running, and it wasn’t as easy and uncomplicated as I believe it should have been. But despite the complications, I will never regret being part of her world or her being part of mine. Given the same chances again, I would make mostly the same decisions. You will always be my light. My woman with eyes of fire.

Is there anything more I am thankful for? Yes. Plenty. But the material things pale into insignificance when held up against those people who change your life for the better. Family. Friendship. Love. Nothing matters more. For all of them, for all of you, I am thankful.

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