The Hockney Collection

Posted on 31st July 2014

salts mill smllrIn 1836 Titus Salt, a partner in his father’s woolen mill in Bradford, came across 300 neglected bales of alpaca wool in a Liverpool warehouse. He took away some samples and, impressed by the quality of the wool, returned to buy the rest. However, his father was not so impressed by the wool so, in 1853, he opened the Salt’s Mill.

Part of the mill is still open to the public today and, following its purchase by Jonathan Silver in 1987, it became host to a huge collection of works by Bradford born artist, and Silver’s friend, David Hockney.

As I ride into Saltaire, 49 Miles into my journey, I would no doubt see the warm yellow sandstone structure of the first Salt’s Mill, depicted as standing so prominently over the industrial village in Hockney’s painting of the same name.

Hockney himself is of particular interest to me given both his artistic nature and his stance as a conscientious objector who worked as a medical orderly in lieu of his National Service in the 1950s.

His paintings could not be more different to my own in style, yet the exaggeratedly bright and vibrant colours he uses are mirrored throughout my work.

It makes me wonder if I should add a gallery section to this site and put some of my own paintings or drawings up.

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