The Water Babies

Posted on 28th September 2014


The Open University degree I have been working on is a BA in the humanities specialising in creative writing. This year will be my final year and I hope to study Children’s Literature. Children’s books are rich in morals and symbolism and this is something I include in almost all of my writing. Studying the way it has traditionally been used will be a useful tool for my development. However, it can be very difficult to get hold of children’s books here at Wakefield. There are a lot of prisoners here who are not permitted them due to the nature of their offence and, even though I’m not one of them, even asking for such books in the library here can receive a curious look and raised eyebrows.

One particular children’s book which I have wanted to read for years but never been able to get hold of is The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley. My mum loves this book and I remember her telling me about it when I was just nine or ten years old. Which is why, since I can’t get it myself, I am setting a copy free so that someone else can read it as part of the book crossing aspect of this project. The Water Babies was set at Malham Tarn, a large glacial lake on Malham Moor which I have now reached, 95 miles into my journey.

You can follow the trail of my copy of The Water Babies via Book Crossing. The book I may never get to read.

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